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Hello Everyone,
        I'm a new member to the community I just joined today...I'm a recovering addict of pain pills...I did anything everything to get my next started about 5 years ago off and on and I ending up getting my self in trouble with the law by stealing pain patches from my job and got fired. I thought I learned my lesson.....Stop for about 1 year and then picked my habit back up my stealing pain pills from friends and family members, then I started to buy them. Stop for awhile then started back up again it got so bad that my husband told me that I wasn't aloud to take any cash so I found others ways to get cash...first I cashed in all my jewelry when all that was gone....I would go into the apartment down stairs and take jewelry from my addiction got so bad that I lost control and just didn't care anymore I got caught coming out of the my neighbor house and I was arrested and have charges pressed against and I'm still dealing with the process of court...but I can say that was my rock bottom..

            My husband was going to leave me and take my daughter away from me...but alot of people talked to  him and told him to get me another chance. After I find out what is going to happen to me in court I'm suppose to be going away to a rehab place called Teen challenge (its Faith Based Rehab program)  but my husband just told me that he doesn't want me to go away for a year...the program is 12-14 months long. So I am looking into an out patient program called P.A.C.E which is 5 days a week and I think it's 8hrs a day but I'm not really to sure I think it all depends on how bad your addiction is.

       We had to move out of apartment because our landlord evicted us so we are living with my husband grandparents. So I spend my time reading my bible, praying, church and spending has much time with my daughter because I don't know what my future hold but my god Does.  I have a court date tomorrow but all I'm doing is pleading not guilty...and they will give me a court date for my case review.

             I have been cleaned since July 6th (which was the day I got arrested) I am also going through a transformation because I am getting a top denture plate and losing weight.I don't feel tired anymore and I have a lot more energy. I also turned my negative addiction into a positive addiction by blogging. I'm blogging my denture journey on you tube and I'm blogging my addiction recovery on here.  I know that me talking to other people with the same issues that I have will help me along my way....

Thanks for reading!
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