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My First Year!

A year ago today I bought my last bottle of vodka. I had some left from the night before and finished it. I didn't quite feel like it was enough, so I went to get another one (granted, by this point, I was already slightly buzzed and drove to the store to get it). It was 10 in the morning and I had to be at work at 11 that night. So I could drink til noon, then sleep it off. But I wasn't done with the bottle by noon. I kept drinking. As long as I had 8 hours of sleep, I was good to go. I could wake up at 9:30, so that gave me another hour and a half. But I didn't finish it by 1:30. Parts of the day are fuzzy, but I'm willing to bet I fell asleep and woke up and drank more.

By the time I got to work, I was still drunk. In fact, I was so drunk that I was shaking, and felt like I would throw up. Bad thing is... I work at an NHP station, and had driven across town to be there... drunk off my ass.

5 days later I attended my first meeting.

01 - 24 hrs
02 - 1 month
03 - 2 months
04 - 3 months
05 - 4 months
06 - 5 months
07 - 6 months
08 - 7 months
09 - 8 months
10 - 9 months
11 - 1 year
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