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Hi my name is kellie and i am a addict.

Hi my name is Kellie and im a addict. I am 28. I am currently ten months clean i have been going to NA for two months now i got clean while being in jail. I am currently just starting intensive outpatient and just started working. I have not worked in nearly 3 years so im just getting used to being back and playing a role in the real world. before that i was what i once thought was cool a drug addicted drug dealer;; if that makes any sense. But anyway i am looking to share and learn experiences with like minded people. sometimes i could use the help and sometimes id love to be the one helping. so hi im here for anyone who wants to get to know me! thanks for letting me share.
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Congrats on getting out and staying sober! Working can be really hard when you start again after getting clean and/or after not working for a while--I worked throughout my addiction, one job or another, and it was really hard to stay sober once I found a new job because work was always a huge trigger for me--but it gets easier :)
^5! I'm at 10 months also! Go us!
Anyway, I'm Becky and I'm an alcoholic. I would love to have you as a friend as I'm always looking for fellow ex-users and abusers. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to add you.